As we know that knowing traffic laws and rules are very helpful to keep road safe. Awareness of traffic rules can save the life of both drivers and pedestrians. If we ignore these laws then we have to pay fine either in form of money or in form of prison. Even we can get injury or death. If we are well aware from traffic rules then we can reduce accidents that mean we can save lives of thousands of road users. Even we can save our own life while using roads.

Knowing the importance of traffic rules and laws, Kanchan Devi P. G. Girls College conduct an awareness seminar regarding traffic rules and regulations under the supervision of Mrs. Madhvi Panwar for the students, faculty members and other employees of  Institute.

The programme commenced with the welcome address by Dr. Rajneesh Sharma, Principal Kanchan Devi P.G. Girls College. After this Mr. Vishnu Salvi, Traffic In-charge Assistant educated the gathering about Traffic Rules. He said that we must follow traffic rules in true sense so that we can minimize the alarming number of road accidents. Most of these accidents are a direct outcome of the civic negligence rather than lack of awareness. In order to lead a safe and secure life we need to understand the meaning and significance of different road signs and observe traffic rules. As a responsible citizen of the society, we should never drive our vehicles beyond prescribed speed limit, wear seat belts and helmets and most importantly, we should not take alcohol before driving our vehicles because with such negligence we do not only kill ourselves but also kill innocent people. Mr. Ramswaroop Joshi, Mrs. Anupama Sharma, Mrs. Anooja Pillai, Mrs. Neha Sharma and Ms. Kavita Maru of the college were among the others staff members  present on the occasion. The audience of seminar appreciates the effort of Kanchan Devi College and Traffic Police Branch on organizing the seminar on Traffic Rules and Regulations.

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