Master of Science

M.Sc. or Master of Science is a postgraduate Academic Master Degree Course. Science is the study of the physical and natural world using theoretical models and data from experiments or observation. Science is a broad field and there are various branches in which one can gain mastery M.Sc. (Chemistry) is of two academic years. The syllabus for the course is divided into four semesters. We are providing M.Sc specialization in Organic Chemistry. Organic chemistry is the study of structures, properties, and reactions of organic compounds and organic materials. Organic chemistry traditionally includes the chemistry of fuels. Currently, the activity is increasingly connected to energy related sciences, such as energy capture and storage. Due to environmental problems arising by unwanted consequences of organic chemicals previously introduced to the environment, the development of environment-friendly (sustainable) processes has become an interesting and challenging field of organic chemistry.

How is M.Sc. Course Beneficial?

• The Master Degree in Science is a level up and therefore provides more complex and intensive form of information which not only increase one’s knowledge but it also enables a better and proper application of the knowledge in a professional environment.
• It increases the weight-age of one’s portfolio when one applies for a job or when one changes his/her job. Master of Science enables one to get job of higher level as compared to those who have a Bachelor’s Degree.
• Master of Science Degree course enables one to pursue the doctoral program.

Master of Science Employment Areas

• Agriculture Industry
• Biotechnology Firms
• Chemical Industry
• Educational Institutes
• Hospitals
• Industrial Laboratories
• Oil Industry
• Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry
• Research Firms
• Testing Laboratories

Master of Science Job Types

• Deputy Manager QC
• Plant Biochemist
• Science Adviser
• Researcher
• Chemist
• Organic Chemistry Professor
• Clinical Research Specialist
• Analytical Chemistry Associates
• Chemistry Project Assistant
• Synthetic Organic Chemist
• Marketing Executive