Chairperson’s Desk

Years back at a time when stepping in to the deep trench to compete on a global education front was daunting enough tasks to understand.

She made it the success it is today in a manner granted enough to stand firm.

Her towering personality and overpowering passion instill confidence, pride and purpose in her college-students, who today occupy places of importance in the top organizations around the country.

The innovative and path breaking education technique to incorporate best practices from around the world in combine them with Indian diligence sets her apart from the rest.

She stands tall with firm convictions boundless ideas, remarkably positive attitudes and supreme inattentiveness, all of which fuel a dream of changing lives in to achieve a futuristic style of education while staying true to the Indian roots and traditions that she believes make us who we are.

Shikha Consultants

Talent Identification

Specializes in identifying talents in the job seekers, graduates and post graduates and makes it available to organizations that required skilled and talented human resource for various positions.

Suitable Selection

Aligning the best people with the available job opportunities is the primary objective for Shikha Consultants. We match candidate knowledge, skills, talents and competencies with specific job requirement within an organization distinguish itself with both jobseekers and hiring organizations.

Qualified students —-> Potential Jobs